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How would you be able to help the children to attain and maintain healthy food purchasing habits, at the moment that multitude of choices and temptations governs the environment?

The project e-Powercard does just that; it offers information to the schools, to the government, and to the parents, for the healthy dietary habits of the students, and offers information and a control mechanism for the sales of different food items in schools.


What is the POWERCARD?

The students for the purchases from the school cafeteria, will use the specific card. In the cafeteria the system calculates how healthy a purchased product is, and assigning accordingly points to the student. The healthier the purchase is, the more the points are allocated. At the end of the school year it will be possible to see how much the e-Powercard has helped the students develop healthier food choices.

In the project, an e-Learning facility will be included, to help in the promotion of healthy diets, which the participating students, parents and teachers can take advantage of.

The project participants are Powersoft (Cyprus), Evolis (France), Netramedia (UK) and the Dietetic Association of Cyprus with a research team of four (4) people. With the help of the above, special formulas have been built to avoid cases where a student that spends more money would also have more points. The project is supported by the Ministry of Health and Education of Cyprus

• EUNEA120411e-Powercard (EUREKA)


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