e-Shop with Powersoft365 Integration

By choosing together the right e-shop platform for your online store, we not only adapt the user interface and functions of e-Shop to your own measures, but your new online store is part of your store chain with complete and automatic updating of your products in REAL-TIME. With the creation of the new product in Powersoft365 Stock Control software and with the simple click of the option "e-commerce YES" your product with all the data you added (via the Powersoft365 API) is available in your online shop UNTIL SHORTAGE of stock either from stores or from online orders.

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Create your own e-Shop with us in full connection with the stock in your software

Select the exception of one store, give a special price for online shopping, choose an offer for a product category and all these through your own software that manages the rest of your stores. Give to your customers a new experience by giving loyalty points either by buying from the internet or from your store (hybrid loyalty scheme). Your customer can exchange a product they bought online at any of your stores by simply presenting either the change card or through your mobile application. Do you have a clientele with different prices (B2B-wholesale, B2C-retail- Silver, Gold, Platinum members?) No problem, through Powersoft365 the sales made by the customers are all interconnected with each other and with the online identification of the customer each customer sees his own dedicated price… Creating customers from the e-shop from POS (points of sale) or even from POWERSOFT365 on the internet. Creation of products with complete data with the possibility of importing audio-visual material (video sharing). Automatic update to each new order. Automatic management and updating of retail / wholesale and specialized prices (eg 20% ​​on all women's shoes for gold customers) Unlimited photos and video products Support for special discounts and offers (coupons and vouchers) eg BLACK FRIDAY Powersoft365 eshop is the ultimate tool for automatic & two-way connection of your company's computer system with your online store! Below are some eshop examples made by the Powersoft team and associates with a full link to the warehouse management software through the Powersoft365 API.
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