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Our products cover the entire spectrum of needs as these arise in today’s business environment. Each product offers a complete solution but combined, you can create a software powerhouse, taking care of all the commercial management, stocking and accounting needs of your business. By adding a license for a second product, the latter is automatically updated to include the time period since you started using our first product. This means that you don’t lose any information or create gaps in your day-to-day management data.

Cross-Sector Features

All products designed by Powersoft are designed having in mind cross-sectoral needs. While we always consider the peculiarities and specific requirements of industrial niche markets such as the fashion and retail sector, we aim to design features which can be easily used by all. Our intelligent reporting feature, for example, enables any type of industry to benchmark progress, review popular products and create graphs for increase in revenues and profits. Having a clear idea of where you are headed and what works best for your business is fundamental to understanding potential problems and finding suitable solutions. These are concerns shared by professionals across any business activity and our design work is implemented with this philosophy in mind.


All our products come with real-time, face-to-face training with our expert staff. While implementation and management of our software products is very easy and user-friendly, we realise that our world can at times appear complicated. This is why we place training as one of our strategic priorities, striving to deliver a hands-on approach to all our clients. At Powersoft we are firm believers that when buying one of our software products, you should be able to utilise it to its full extend and maximise your purchase in the best and most profitable way possible. Post-training, we offer full support and are always available for enquiries or follow-through meetings

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