Acappela Testimonial (VIDEO)

Acappela has been in the business since 1996, when Mr. Lambros Charilaou started out with only one item to sell – VHS tapes and audio cassettes! As time went by he added more items until today you can find all sorts of domestic or imported CD’s alongside your favorite movies along side Marvel Comics books like Spiderman; DC Entertainment properties such as Batman & Superman (and their accompanying merch) ; popular video games from Nintendo series including Mario Kart Wii—in fact any pop culture icon under sun .

Due to the fact that it was leading company in its industry, there were opportunities for expansion into more products. The new areas they got involved with were gaming consoles and video games; then again–they’re first local business selling vinyls!

The return of nostalgia is not only seen through music but also comes back as an increasing demand among customers – this time though they want their old-school Video Games fix (think pixelated graphics). Now managed by Pantelis & Themis Charilaou whose father founded Lambros Technology Ltd., their team has been able produce great success.

Acapella has been using Powersoft software since 1996. They started with the second generation of Stock control accounting / pos system and now they are utilizing modern technology to power their business solutions, such as a live eshop designed by powersof365 which is fully connected through connections between stores so that products can be tracked from all angles .

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