CITEA Vice-President thanks speakers at highly-successful 3rd CITEA Digital Cyprus Conference 2024

George Malekkos, Vice-President, of the Cyprus Information Technology Enterprises Association (CITEA) has thanked the speakers who made the recent 3rd CITEA Digital Cyprus Conference 2024 a success.

In a statement, Malekkos said, “I’m deeply honoured to thank all the fantastic speakers who made the 3rd CITEA Digital Cyprus Conference 2024 a success. Held on June 20th at the Hilton Nicosia Hotel, Cyprus, the event brought together brilliant minds to discuss pivotal subjects such as leveraging AI for business growth, enhancing customer experience (CX), the CITEA Index survey, tech readiness of Cypriot companies, data as a strategic advantage, and the crucial importance of cyber security—emphasising that prevention is better than cure.”

Malekkos continued, “A special mention goes to the President of CITEA Demetris Nissiotis for addressing the significant issue of women in tech, highlighting the 19% representation. Encouraging news was shared about additional funding for digital transformation, expected around September 2024. One of the event’s highlights was the Deputy Minister of Research, Innovation & Digital Policy holographic presence from Athens, where he pledged support for open data and announced a cooperation memorandum with the Greek government, which promises to be practical rather than merely political. Additionally, he noted that Microsoft is investing over a billion dollars weekly in AI advancements.”

“Our main sponsor, ECOMMBX, presented insightful case studies showcasing practical implementations of AI in enhancing customer experience and driving business growth. Their examples highlighted how data analytics and AI-driven strategies can optimize customer interactions, streamline operations, and significantly boost revenue,” he went on to say.

Malekkos also pointed out, “Our speakers covered vital topics, including:

– The importance of cyber security and re-skilling.

– AI’s ability to increase developer productivity by 40-50%.

– The necessity of simplicity in tackling complexity.

– Strategies for efficiency and the automation of manual processes by major companies like Google.

– The importance of data as a key asset and the need for harmonizing it as the first step.

– The debate over the AI Act being a simple checkbox or a potential innovation stifler.

– The necessity of inclusive AI strategies for success.

– Preparation for NIS2 coming in October 2024 with relevant SME tools presented.”

“Notable insights included the concept of zero trust as the best way to build trust, the importance of personalization in customer relations, and the “curse of knowledge” where programmers might overlook user needs. Our Cyprus survey spurred a significant discussion on cybersecurity, showing we are heading in the right direction, with most companies willing to invest around €10,000 in digital transformation,” he continued.

“Additionally,” Malekkos went on to say, “I encourage everyone to implement the “Don’t Click” campaign in your offices to enhance cybersecurity awareness. Remember, nothing is for free—always be cautious of unsolicited links and attachments.”

He also pointed out that, at the event’s conclusion, CITEA proudly awarded the Women in Tech Award to Antonia Michael from IBM and the Outstanding Contribution Award to Hippocrates Stamatiou from HS Data.

“Thank you all for your invaluable contributions. See you next year!” Malekkos concluded.

Source: CBN

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